Consultancy Services For Land Reclamation Project Detail Study At Melaka Refinery, Sg. Udang, Melaka, MALAYSIA

The objective of the consultancy services is to carry out site investigation works, detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA), hydraulic study and basic engineering design (BED) until ITB preparation stage. The scope of work is as follows:

  • Site investigation works (geotechnical, geophysical and seabed videography works) to determine required soil parameters, ground stratigraphy, topography, bathymetry and other input for reclamation and dredging technical studies;
  • Perform DEIA and hydraulic studies for proposed reclamation and topside development
  • Perform technical studies including reclamation and soil improvement design, seismic study, liquefaction analysis, tsunami hazard assessment, relocation of cooling water pipes/station, reclamation fill material quality and source, geotechnical assessment on marine berths and approach channel for proposed increased ship size, review of port operability, dredgeability study and geotechnical assessment on evaluation of a potential new SPM and submarine pipelines
  • Conduct viability and feasibility studies for the reclamation and dredging works based on minimum cost, schedule and other commercial aspects

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