Detailed Design Of Coastal Protection Works At Pantai Sabak, Kelantan, MALAYSIA

In 1985, the National Coastal Erosion Study (NCES) classified the project area (approximately 3 km long stretching from the northern breakwater of Sg. Pengkalan Datu towards Kg. Teritam in the northwest) as a Category I area i.e. a critical erosion area. The Client intends to protect the receding shoreline by constructing suitable shore protection works.

The scope of work is as follows:

  • Carry out the necessary primary and secondary data collection;
  • Carry out a comprehensive hydraulic study of the coastal area using numerical models;
  • Propose feasible defence options to overcome the erosion problem and carry out a technical and financial evaluation of each of the proposed alternatives; and
  • Carry out detailed design of the selected option including the preparation of tender table documents

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