Shore Protection Structure At Lumut Power Plant, Lumut, Perak, MALAYSIA

The shoreline fronting Lumut Power Plant had faced serious erosion due to annual wave attacks although a revetment was built during the construction of the plant. Various measures had been undertaken to arrest the problem such as the placement of rocks, bakau piles and re-nourishment of the shoreline but the problem persisted.

The scope of works included:

  • Collect and collate data for the modelling study;
  • Carry out soil investigation works and hydrographic and nearshore survey;
  • Derive offshore wave conditions and carry out nearshore wave transformation;
  • Perform a study on the littoral transport;
  • Identify alternatives to mitigate erosion and select the most suitable option;
  • Make a comparative study with the original revetment design;
  • Determine impact of the proposed shore protection on the adjacent coastline;
  • Identify the Design Water Level and run-up to determine the shore protection’s crest and platform level;
  • Perform a conceptual engineering design of the shore protection works and provide post estimates; and
  • Prepare tender documentation and evaluate tender bids

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