Proposed Development At Kapar, Klang, Selangor, MALAYSIA

A waterfront development which include residential, commercial, marina and a theme park development is to be performed. The development is sited in the vicinity of Kuala Sg. Sementa Besar. A hydraulic and coastal engineering study was carried out to assess the developmentā€™s viability and its impacts to the surroundings.

The scope of work was to:

  • Collect and collate field and secondary data as part of the modelling study requirements;
  • Conduct an investigation to the marine regime at the proposed project area taking into account the physical parameters within the area including deriving offshore wave conditions;
  • Perform numerical modelling to determine approaching waves and current flows at the project area;
  • Determine influence of the prevailing monsoons onto the hydraulic regime;
  • Assess impact of the development onto the adjacent coastline; and
  • Model the dispersion of sediment plume arising from the development

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