Kerja-kerja Pengorekan Sg. Johor Di Daerah Kota Tinggi Untuk Membaiki Kerosakan Akibat Banjir, Johor, MALAYSIA

The recent flood events ravaging most parts of Southern Malaysia were among the worst tragedies in the history of Malaysia. The District of Kota Tinggi was hit by flood twice, once at the end of 2006 and another in the earlier part of 2007. An approximate RM 1.5 billion was used to assist flood victims and also to conduct rehabilitation works. To temporarily mitigate the flooding events from re-occurring, Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Malaysia has proposed that some parts of Sg. Johor are deepen to lower the flood level at Kota Tinggi Town. This rehabilitation project is only a temporary measure pending a detailed design to mitigate the flooding problem. The main activities, as far as the environment is concerned are river dredging and dumping of dredged materials at designated disposal areas. Since the proposed project does not fall under the ‘prescribed activities’ category of the EQA 1974, an Environmental Assessment (EA) study was deemed fit by the DOE.

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