Kerja-kerja Pengerukkan Di Kuala Sg. Kuantan, Kuantan, Pahang, MALAYSIA

High siltation rates along the entrance channel of Sg. Kuantan and its approach have been a persistent problem affecting the river mouth. This had prevented safe passage for all vessels especially during low tides. Many of the vessels would have to wait for the high tides before they are able to go out or enter the river mouth. This had on many occasions in the past caused the delay of catch landings for the fishermen.

The works cover the dredging of sands in the navigational channel from the river mouth of Sg. Kuantan to the outwards towards the sea that covers a total distance of 3,400m long. This project involves dredging works using the hydraulic dredger to dredge the severely silted area. The affected areas area the navigational channel and the area below jetty deck structure.

The primary objectives for the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) are as below:

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