Klang River Basin Environmental Improvement And Flood Mitigation Project, MALAYSIA

The project involves:

The comprehensive study on IRBM for the Klang River Basin is considered to be the pilot project in Malaysia, especially as the basin is the most developed area in the country and its catchments area covers the Selangor State and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. The need for IRBM is urgent and critical as it aims at integrating the management and development of natural resources (land and water) with development activities within the basin to ensure optimum utilization of the resources and sustainable development. The IRBM Master Plan formulated shall form the basis for setting the policies, guidelines and strategies for all stakeholders’ activities in the basin.

The Flood Mitigation Master Plan for the Klang River Basin is the most comprehensive up to date in-depth study on the flooding problems in the basin, with special focus for the Kuala Lumpur City center. It was to incorporate structural as well as non-structural measures towards mitigating the flood occurrences. Short term measures as well as long-term measures in line with the concepts of MASMA (The New Urban Storm Water Management Manual in Malaysia) were to be formulated.

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