The Detailed Design, Contract Administration & Construction Supervision Of Sungai Rasau, Sg. Air Hitam And Parit Tampoi In The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA

The fast pace of development in the MSC area, especially at the Cyberjaya and E-Village developments has been recognized in the drainage master plan as the potential areas that frequent flooding can be occur if the river systems serving these developments are not upgraded immediately. As the nucleus of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), frequent flooding should be avoided by all means so that the image of a favorable and healthy investment environment in these areas will not be tarnished. With this as the priority, the implementation of Sungai Rasau, Sungai Air Hitam and Sungai Parit Tampoi river improvement works is vital.

The project commenced in 2000 and the scope was to carry out detailed design and subsequently supervise the construction of the works after the award of tender to the successful contractor to carry out the construction works. The scope of the works includes the followings:

The detailed design works and the preparation of the contract documents have been completed and at the moment the project is under construction with MHC supervising the works.

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